Meizitang Botanical Sliming

Meizitang Soft Gel
Meizitang Soft Gel is made from pure herbs and has no side effects, usually it can help lose 10 to 15 lbs in a month naturally and gradually. The pure herbal formula contains Xianxian Cao 21%,...
(MSV) Meizitang Strong Version
Meizitang Strong Version MSV   Original Meizitang Botanical Slimming Natural Soft Gel can effectively burn fat, accelerate metabolism and delay skin caducity. Meizitang Strong Version is...
Red Meizitang Strong Version
New Meizitang Strong Version  (2012)   New Meizitang Strong Version (2012 MSV) is the newest 2012 version, which contains 30% more effective ingredients and formula than the original...
New Meizitang Botanical Slimming
Based on natural extracts, The New Meizitang is known as an effective herbal product, it uses several herbal extracts from plants such as Cora fruit, Guar gum and also purple clover. The Dai tribe...

Meizitang Botanical Sliming Soft Gel

[Natural without Additives]

The hunger of the human mainly come due to the perception of human brain cells to blood glucose concentration, When blood glucose concentrations decreased due to no eating, brain cells will send out hunger signals.
[Fill the Stomach, Slow Absorption]

The main ingredient of Meizitang Soft Gel is Xianxian Cao, after being absorbed, it will mimic blood glucose issue a misleading information to the brain cells that "I’m not hungry", which can reduce appetite and then achieve a weight loss purpose.
[Burn Fat and Suppress Appetite]

All global clinical studies shows that Botanical Slimming Capsule is made from pure herbs, even long-term consumption has no side effects on the human body, it is a safe, healthy weight loss product

Why Obesity


Most of people are having very strong appetite and they are easier to feel hunger, A study of the U.S. shows that: Morbidly hunger is caused by a gene called ETO in the body, It is this gene makes obesity has bulimia and large appetites, eating excessively leads to obesity malignantly.

Direct Causes Of Obesity:

The intake of calorie is larger than the calorie consumed, thus reducing the intake and increasing the consumption is the most effective way to lose weight and control weight. If only relying on movement to increase consumption to lose weight, then a long-term large amount of exercise will be needed.

How Can We Help You?

The accumulation of body fat comes from high-calorie foods: once the high-calorie brought by high starchy and high fat food can not be consumed completely, it will be stored in the form of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen and other body parts. So taking New meizitang botanical slimming capsule and reducing calorie intake would be an effective way to lose weight or control the weight

Customers Reviews:

I purchased 2012 MSV in red bottle not long ago, hoping to drop some extra pounds and gain som additional energy. And actually it didn’t let me down, as I do have higher energy level for my work and workouts. What’s more exciting, it didn’t give me any discomfort. I can’t wait to get more.

The effect is great.  by Melissa Long
As a mom of two kids, I’m very busy and tired all the day. And needless to say, I seldom pay attention to my weight, which actually skyrocketed in the past two months. Therefore, I was desperately looking for a supplement to get end of this weight problem. After some researches, I findlly locked botanical slimmign soft gel and OMG, the results proved I made the right decision, lost 13 lbs in the first month, and the effect is still continuing.

I love New meizitang botanical slimming soft gel so much, as I can feel a big difference in my daily energy level. I don’t crave for sweet food any more and I work out more. Also they helped me lose a few pounds too.