News; Foods Suitable for Weight Loss

Published: Thursday 14 August, 2014

Being plagued by the increasing weight, perhaps you’re now on a diet or taking risk-free diet pills like meizitang. But have you ever thought of a better way to lose weight, such as taking some foods that give you super satiety? Do you know what are they? Learn from here!

1. Whole Grains
Studies have shown that whole grain is an ideal option for slimming, as it can help reduce abdominal fat, increase dietary fiber & satiety, and promote gastrointestinal motility. It’s also a representative of low GI diet foods.

2. Orange
Orange is an ideal food option for rapid weight loss, as it contains rich vitamin C that can burn fat fast. Besides, just like the functions of botanical slimming soft gel
, orange can significantly increase satiety as it contains massive dietary fiber. Most importantly, it would be an effective slimming method to reduce the caloric intake if you replace other desserts with orange.

3. Sweet Potato
Losing weight with sweet potato is very popular now and I believe most dieters are not strangers to this method. Sweet potato is no doubt good for slimming, as it contains cellulose that can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promote the excretion and prevent carbohydrate from converting into fat.

4. Kiwi Fruit
Not only does Kiwi fruit have low caloric, it also contains abundant dietary fiber that can promote digestion & absorption, increase satiety and reduce caloric intake. In addition, Kiwi is an ideal fruit for skin beauty. Therefore, just eat kiwi fruits frequently along with botanical slimming strong version if you want to keep slim and young.

5. Banana
Taking bananas as breakfast is one of the popular slimming methods in Japan. It’s also the secret of many Japanese women who have good figure. So what are the slimming benefits of banana? Banana is not only a good fruit for toxins elimination, it can also enrich the enzymes in stomach to accelerate digestion and reduce fat accumulation in stomach and intestines.