News; Wolfberry Tea for Women to Burn Fat

Published: Tuesday 02 September, 2014

Wolfberry is actually perfect for slimming, but it is generally used in soup or porridge. Somebody once tried to replace daily water with wolfberry tea and Meizitang, and finally was surprised to see some slimming results. Though wolfberry tea works great for losing weight, many women still don't know how to use it. Therefore, we'd like to share some knowledge of wolfberry with all of you hereby.

Slim down with wolfberry: drink wolfberry tea (put 30g wolfberry in boiled water) twice a day (morning and evening), and you will see the results after 7 weeks. Wolfberry tea can not only clean toxins and improve eyesight, but also help burn fat.

Different kinds of wolfberry tea

1. Wolfberry tea with dates

[Materials]:3 dates,10 wolfberries

[Practice]: put sliced dates and wolfberry in boiling water, after 2~3 minutes, you can drink.

[Effects]:you will notice the difference after one week. Drink wolfberry tea while taking botanical slimming soft gel everyday is not only helpful for weight loss, but also for anti-aging.

2. Wolfberry tea with chrysanthemum

[Materials]: serissa 3g, dark plum 3g, chrysanthemum flowers 5g, wolfberry 10 grains

[Practice]: First put all these materials into a pot with 500ml of water, then cook for 20 minutes and then filter out the soup for drinking.

[Effects]: just like Meizitang diet pills, this weight loss tea can not only quench thirst, but also has antibiotic and detoxifying effect, especially the Chrysanthemum can relieve inflammation while still pleasing the eyes. Moreover, it also has significant effect of detoxifying and slimming.

Although wolfberry can be taken as either food or medicine, it is not suitable for everyone. Since wolfberry has strong thermal effect, it is not suitable for people with cold, fever, inflammation and diarrhea.